Garlic is going fast!! Order your's now!

J.H. writes:

Hi!  Your new batch of seasoning is even better than the last!  How do you do it?  LOL, my husband is now allowed to use the seasoning again.  He was rationed!  Those scapes!  My goodness!  New to me.  I made a walnut pesto and also a compound butter.  Just butter, salt and scapes in the Cuisinart.  Delish, especially on steak, fish, chicken.....Thank you so much!

K.L. writes:  

Thank you.  I wanted to tell you that all of the garlic seeds that I purchased from you a few months back are all up, growing and looking good.  None of us want to eat any more of the grocery store garlic.  It's not not the same -:) Really like the Lorz Italian.

W.M. writes: 

Talk about "beyond expectations"!!  That is how I reacted when I opened my box of garlic from you!  Thank you.  I look forward to doing more business with you.

T.G. writes:

Hello! I want to thank you for such a quick delivery of garlic.  The package arrived within a few days of my order placement.  Beautiful garlic!  I found your site bc I was stumbling around the internet looking for organic Lorz Italian garlic raised in the USA preerably in my region(Pac NW...SW Oregon).  I kept finding it but it was sold out.  Then I was doing some reading on another site that recommended Garden of Eden-Eugene.  And the rest in history.  I will recommend your company to my gardening friends.  I really appreciate your philosophy about feeding others.  I strongly believe in feeding others and helping others feed themselves.  Great job!  I am so happy that my small purchase helps your company's mission.

D.D. writes:

(In regards to Blanak Garlic):  I bought it late in the season but it still had a great rocambole bouquet when cooked and raw (added to sauerkraut).  I will buy this garlic again.  Tastes like german red....on the broiled salmon it was indescribably good.  2nd best rocambole experience I ever had. I'll be back to shop again, early.

S.W. writes:

Big cloves!  Crop hasn't matured yet, but the flavor is very good.  Better then Elephant garlic for taste and ease.  Garden of Eden was wonderful in shipping, making sure we received enough good size garlic even though we were late in buying!