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The Difference Between Seed & Culinary Garlic

The difference between seed and culinary garlic, lies only in size.  Typically, garlic growers like to plant the biggest and best of a garlic crop to ensure the best traits being preserved. These bulbs are seed garlic. Each year, replanting the biggest and best of the crop results in bigger bulbs and cloves.  These bulbs cost more to purchases because of this. 

Culinary garlic, has the same quality as seed garlic but is typically the medium sized bulbs that are decided as not big enough to continue as seed.  Despite being sold at a lower cost, these bulbs still are nice sized and comparably the same size as market garlic, if not often bigger.  With gourmet garlic, the taste and strength of the garlic easily places it above the quality of market garlic. 

Garden of Eden-Eugene, uses their smallest bulbs, the ones not big enough for seed or culinary use, to dry and make Garden of Eden Gourmet Garlic Seasoning.

 Hardneck & Softneck Garlic



Hardneck garlic cloves grow around a single woody stem.  This type of garlic usually produces a flower stalk, called a garlic scape, which is edible. Hardnecks are known for having a wide range of high quality flavors. Although, hardnecks have a shorter shelf life (4-5 months) than softnecks, their variety of flavors make them a desired addition to many culinary dishes.  The garlicky, onion flavor of the scapes adds a special touch of uniqueness to meals.  Storage life of hardnecks is typically 4-5 months.  Approx. 5-10 cloves per head, 40-65 cloves per lb.




Softneck garlics are the garlic types used in garlic braiding, which is a great gift for the chefs in your life. There are many layers of cloves surrounding the soft stem.  Softnecks tend to have a better storage life than the hardnecks with some providing powerful garlic flavor to add your cuisines up through the end of March.  Softnecks also hold well in the refrigerator marinated in wine or pureed.  Approx. cloves in one head can vary from 5 up to 15 or more with up to 80 or more cloves per pound!

Both garlic scapes and garlic cloves can be dried and processed to make an unforgettable seasoning to use all year round or you can buy our Garden of Eden Gourmet Garlic Seasoning  made with dried scapes, tarragon, rosemary, thyme, savory, chive, sage, and oregano.  The reviews on the flavor have been outstanding!! Go to the order section of this site to place orders.