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Garden of Eden is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley

on 18 acres of very fertile farm land. It's a farm with a very specific purpose,

to use its proceeds to produce naturally grown, organic foods to donate to food banks

and those in need.  We do not live at the farm, therefore making it very easy to ensure

 proceeds from the farm go back only to the farm.  We are naturally grown certified 

which means we only use organic farming methods.

My husband and I have a passion that has developed in both our hearts for those in

need of one of the basic essentials of life, food. A passion driven since youth by

experiencing disparaging poverty as a missionary's child in Colombia and the other by

being a school administrator involved with at risk youth. Our focus lays with the most

vulnerable groups; children and the elderly.  All people should  have the pleasure and

experience the benefits of eating healthy, natural foods. We want to make a difference

in the quality of their lives.

Garden of Eden's vision is to be a self-sustaining farm that produces

enough income to supplement the production of fresh, organic vegetables,

eggs, and honey to donate to local food banks and families

that normally cannot provide such for their families.

Your purchases help to support this vision.

Thank you for your help in impacting people's lives with hope!

" Garden of Eden - Feed'n the Need'n "